Window and Gutter Cleaning Specialists

Stellar Property Clean are a commercial and residential Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning business operating in and around Christchurch, New Zealand.

Or phone or text: 021 411 690

Our promise to our clients:

  • you will be pleasantly surprised by our competitive prices.
  • we are eco-friendly.  We will only use biodegradable detergents.
  • we have the appropriate insurance for all activities we carry out on your  property.
  • we will do a ‘Stellar’ job.

We will also:

  • arrive on site at the agreed time.
  • have all the necessary gear  ready to go.
  • leave your property in a tidy state.

Window cleaning using the Purewash exterior window cleaner.
Window cleaning using the Purewash exterior window cleaner.
  • We clean windows inside and out.  
  • We use the latest window cleaning technology that uses pure water and reduces the need for ladders and leaves your windows spotless.  
  • Inside we use ‘tried and true’ squeegee and mop.

What is ‘Pure Water’ Window Cleaning?

Pure Water or DI (deionized) Water has had almost all of its mineral ions removed, such as sodium and calcium. Deionization is a chemical process that uses specially manufactured ion-exchange resins which exchange hydrogen and hydroxide ions for dissolved minerals, then recombine to form water. 

What does this mean for Window Cleaning?

Spot and residue-free sparkling clean windows! No more squeegeeing required! No more detergent* (*detergent isn’t required on regularly cleaned windows – detergent maybe required on industrial or first-time builders cleans)

  • We clear gutters up to two storeys high using the latest vacuum and video technology.
  • Having unclogged guttering is an important part of maintaining a healthy home. Gutter clearing on a ladder can be a dangerous and tedious job.  The Skyvac removes most of the need for ladders, scaffolding and cherry pickers, which are time consuming and OH & S risks.  The Skyvac uses a powerful 2 motor wet / dry vacuum that quickly eats away at moss, mud and debris that builds up over time in gutters, making it ideal for use on most domestic and commercial buildings. 
  • We use the SkyVac gutter clearing system.  You can watch their promotional video below to find out how it works.

Please Contact Us

Need more information? Send us an email or drop us a line. 

About Us

We are a family run business.

Dave runs the operational side and John the office.

Dave did his training for window cleaning in Wellington where he was living at the time. Hanging over the side of a tall office building on a gantry in the famous Wellington wind was an especially good training ground!! 

Since then he moved to Christchurch and set up Stellar Property Clean adding building gutter cleaning to his skill set. 

Besides doing the window and gutter cleaning, Dave does all the organising of work schedules, quoting, staff and maintenance of the machines.

John’s background is in information technology and bookkeeping, so  for this business his role is in the back room.

Window Cleaning with the Squeegee and Mop

Window Cleaning with Sqeegee and Mop
Window cleaning using the Squeegee and Mop

Using the SkyVac

Gutter Cleaning using the SkyVac
The SkyVac gutter cleaner in action


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Jean McIntyre
Jean McIntyre
1 year ago

Dave cleaned my windows and guttering last week and it was a great job. The Gutter Vac is a really efficient and mess-free way of cleaning out the gutter and the Pure Water system he used for the windows have left my windows sparkling – they have never looked so good ! Dave was professional and friendly and I would absolutely recommend him if anyone wants their windows and/or guttering cleaned.

11 months ago

Dave cleaned my windows yesterday, amazing service and really competitive pricing! He didn’t even mind my toddler following him round or my giant puppies serenading him with their barking! Would definitely recommend and will be using him again!

10 months ago

Highly recommend Stellar property clean. It was great value for getting my gutters and windows cleaned inside and out. Dave was efficient and professional.

Nicola Roose
Nicola Roose
10 months ago

Yesterday I had Dave from Stellar Property Clean clean my windows inside and out – what a great job, the windows are gleaming. Dave was punctual, professional and efficient. So pleased with the result would highky recommend this service!

Jo Hawley-Smith
Jo Hawley-Smith
9 months ago
Reply to  Nicola Roose

Also very happy to recommend. Dave did our windows in and out on our two storey house which has a lot of glass. He was efficient and friendly and did a great job with no mess at all left behind. His rates were very fair and he did a brilliant job 🙂

Jean Macdonald
Jean Macdonald
8 months ago

Stellar Property Clean have done a brilliant job cleaning my windows inside and out. Absolutely no mess and all shine. Even though I had to reschedule, that was not a problem. Professional and friendly – a winning combination.

Sue Colyer
Sue Colyer
8 months ago

Dave has cleaned our windows twice now and we are so pleased with them. Highly recommended.

Rachael Paul
Rachael Paul
7 months ago

Dave very generously agreed to come and clean my windows on a Saturday morning very last minute prior to Christmas. He is very friendly and a fast worker whist taking good care to not miss a spot. My windows are sparkling clean and couldn’t be happier with his professional A1 service!
Would definitely recommend to others and will be using him again.

4 months ago

Just had Dave clean our windows and guttering and He did a terrific job. We have been in our house 20 years and the windows have never looked so good. Very pleased with the service and would happily recommend.

Kara Unsworth
Kara Unsworth
12 days ago

Dave did a wonderful job clearing out our gutters and cleaning our windows last week, he was efficient and friendly, also very good pricing. I would definitely recommend Stellar Property cleaning.

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